Anticipating the market needs and still meet the objectives of customers.

Optimize internal processes and capitalize on the experiences of market leaders.

Develop people’s knowledge and skills, improve their level of satisfaction and the business climate.


Provide, to the operators of the main industrial sectors, quality product / reliability / cost effectiveness, according to the technical and legislative regulations and specific environmental constraints.

Increase the competitiveness of the industrial system and develop current market shares.


Operate in compliance with ethical and moral rules, be oriented towards the “future” and improvement continuous internal processes.

Take responsibility, making your know-how available and promoting, in the utmost transparency, all actions useful to Customers, People and the Company.

Since 1987 HS means quality and sustainability.

The founder’s talent and passion allowed the company to expand and distinguish itself for the high qualitative standards of production. We support customers from planning to the final testing.

The meeting between new technologies and great competence plays a decisive role in the excellence of the final result.
A young team who can rely on the great experience of its founder and on thirty years of success.